Oval Gemstone Twist Bracelet with Diamond Accent

  • $7,700.00

Product: Oval Gemstone Twist Bracelet with Diamond Accent

Style Number: NL1550


  • 9.96g 14k White Gold (Blue Sapphire)
  • 9.72g 14k White Gold (Emerald)
  • 9.85g 14k White Gold (Ruby)
  • 9.75g 14k White Gold (Tazanite)
  • 9.62g 14k Rose Gold (Morganite)
  • 9.64g 14k Rose Gold (Tazanite) 

Gemstones Available:

  • Blue Sapphires: 11: 5.64ct (White Gold)
  • Emeralds: 11: 4.76ct (White Gold)
  • Rubies: 11: 5.67ct (White Gold)
  • Tanzanites: 11: 4.88ct (White Gold)
  • Morganites: 11: 4.01ct (Rose Gold)
  • Tanzanites: 11: 4.61ct (Rose Gold)


  • 297: 1.10 CT (White Gold/Blue Sapphire)
  • 297: 1.10 CT (White Gold/Emerald)
  • 297 : 1.10 CT (White Gold/Ruby)
  • 297: 1.22 CT (White Gold/Tanzanite)
  • 297: 1.22 CT (Rose Gold/Morganite)
  • 297: 1.22 CT (Rose Gold/Tanzanite)


Note: Please contact us thorough email or phone if these products are of interest to you, we will respond back to you as soon as possible. A quotation will be sent based on the order quantity, materials, and style number. Merchandise enlarged to show details and may not always be exactly as shown in pictures. Each gemstone is unique and color variation may vary. We encourage Retailers/B2B clients to make an appointment with us to see our products in person and discourse details.   


Thank you.

J Nuevo

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